Market Research

Making the most of opportunities in fast-moving global markets demands the perfect blend of boldness and care. We'll help you get unique, detailed insights into your current and future markets in ways that an off-the-shelf report never could.

Do you want to sense-check an initial idea or understand whether to launch a multi-million pound foray into a new market? To make sure you get the level of detail you need, we tailor each market analysis to your key strategic questions, your niche market and your fundamental aims.

We help you get more value from your research and survey

When it comes to great research, technical skills are only half the story. By understanding your business context and working closely with your team, we make sure each piece of research creates the commercial impact you're looking for.

Traditional approaches to research don’t always deliver the momentum client teams need. That's why we started Sampling Research – to turn clear insight into practical recommendations that help marketing and development teams innovate, grow and succeed. We do this by complementing our research expertise with a deep understanding of industry sectors and a focus on collaborative working.

Multi-methodology, multi-perspective research and survey

You draw the best insights by looking at questions from different perspectives. So we combine qualitative, quantitative and online research methods to find the best approach for each situation.

Real sector expertise and expert interviews

You’d expect us to be research experts. But we know that research is only valuable if it answers the right questions. Expertise in all our clients’ industries helps ensure our work has a sharp commercial edge.

We make sure insight leads to action by involving the right people from your team in each project — from getting upfront input into project design, to finding the best combinations of events and formats for delivering the results.
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